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Director's Message

Shailendra Kumar Sinha

Director, IPS
Jharkhand Police Academy, Hazaribag
Hazaribag, Jharkhand

Thank you for visiting the website of Jharkhand Police Academy, Hazaribag. Jharkhand Police Academy, Hazaribag, is considered to be one amongst the premier police academies in India. This Academy was previously known as Police Training College, Hazaribag.Until the creation of Jharkhand state, it catered to the training needs of the whole of Bihar. Initially, E. R. Henry, Inspector General of Police, proposed for establishment of training centres at Bankipur, Patna, and Chinsura(Bengal) in 1884 for training the newly recruited sub-inspectors of police.

However, the tentative proposal was subsequently revised by him and John Lambart in June 1895 and accordingly a Police Training School was established in Bhagalpur, Bihar, in September, 1895. In the year 1908, Police Training School, Bhagalpur, was shifted to Ranchi and renamed Police Training College. In the year 1912, the state of Bihar was created from Bengal. Subsequently, Police Training College was shifted from Ranchi to Hazaribag.The Police Training College (P.T.C) at Hazaribag in Jharkhand has been imparting training to Gazetted and Non-Gazetted Police Officer since 1912. All the officers of Bihar, Bengal and Orissa used to receive training at this institution till the year 1939. It was upgraded into Jharkhand Police Academy in the month of August, 2015. Jharkhand Police Academy Training complex is established in around 43 acres by National Highway-33, a little away from the Circuit House. The complex consists of an administrative wing, class rooms, faculty rooms, library, Computer Room, Cyber Forensic Lab, cafeteria, auditorium, Forensic Lab, Map Reading Room, Simulation Room, Small Arms Fire Simulation Room, I.E.D. Model Room and among other rooms, a Sand Model Room too.

Jharkhand Police Academy, Hazaribag, is dedicated to imparting training, both fresh and in service, to various ranks of officers, which include I.P.S probationers, Additional Superintendents of Police, Deputy Superintendents of Police, District Commandants Home Guards, Jail Superintendent & Probation Officers, Police Inspectors, Sergeant Majors,Police Sub-Inspectors, Sergeants, Assistant Jailors, Assistant Sub-Inspectors of Police, Excise Inspectors & Sub-Inspectors, Assistant Public Prosecutors and Enforcement Officers. Our mission is to prepare officers to lead the Police Services of this State with courage, uprightness, dedication and a strong sense of service to the people. We aspire to inculcate in trainees the values of respect, love and pride for the country, its laws and its people, high standard of professional knowledge and ethics, a continuous effort for self-improvement to meet the ever growing challenges, right skills, motivation, correct values and attitude, physical fitness and mental alertness and fellow feeling. The objective of our training is to develop holistically a trainee’s personality for the effective performance of his task which, in turn, can be accomplished by inculcating knowledge and professional skill and developing an appropriate attitude of mind towards his duties and interaction at various levels while discharging his duties. ........